Recent Work
Justin, in Three Parts | Joyland, 2021
Sex Before Internet | HAD, 2021
Being in Public in Los Angeles | Fence,  2021

The Value of Homelessness | 2015
Beyond Biopolitics | with Patricia Clough, 2011

Edited Journals
Navigating Neoliberalism | with Soniya Munshi, 2016
Born in Flames | with Dean Spade, 2013

Selected Essays and Articles
Listening to Your Book
| 2019
US and Israeli Police are Sharing Violent and Repressive Tactics | with Noah Tabeeb, Truthout, 2018
No Apartheid in Our Name | Truthout, 2017
Free State Epitaph | with Dean Spade, Problems and Provocations 2016
Queer Dilemmas | The Writing Instructor, 2015
Homelessness and Housing Justice in Gentrifying Brooklyn | UMinn Press Blog, 2015
Surplus Life: Biopower and Neoliberalism | S&F Online, 2015
Building Safety through Solidarity | with Dean Spade, Deadly Exchange, 2017
Sex, Gender, and War in an Age of Multicultural Imperialism | with Dean Spade, QED, 2014
Marriage Will Never Set Us Free | with Dean Spade, Organizing Upgrade, 2013
Gentrification and Resistance | Cities & Globalization Working Group, 2013
Cities and War | Cities & Globalization Working Group, 2013
Magic vs. Neoliberalism: Riots Against Everywhere | Women Studies Quarterly, 2012
Last Summer | Jimmy the Zine, 2012
Untitled Text | Sharon Hayes: There’s so much I want to say to you, 2012
The Skinny Malinky | a grad student blog, 2008-2011
Gendered Security/National Security | with Patricia Clough, Social Text, 2010
Neoliberal Biopolitics and the Invention of Chronic Homelessness | Economy & Society, 2010
Improvisation | with Silvana DePaula, 2010
Living Better | Visual AIDS, 2009
White Knight |with Dean Spade, Left Turn, 2009
“Universal Data Elements,” or the Biopolitical Life of Homeless Populations | Surveillance & Society, 2008
Notes Toward a Theory of Affect-Itself | with Patricia Clough, Greg Goldberg, Rachel Schiff, and Aaron Weeks, ephemera, 2007
Losses and Returns | with Greg Goldberg, The Affective Turn, 2007
Anti-War Politics After the Public Sphere | The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, 2005
Freedom in a Regulatory State? | with Dean Spade, Widener Law Review, 2005
Political Economies of Exposure | Pilot TV: Experimental Media for Feminist Trespass, 2004
The Public Space of the Prison | Loud Paper, 2003
Thoughts on Meaningless Political Action | LTTR 2, 2003
These places that feel like home | Patti Young Kim: Home Project, 2002
You Can’t Go Home Again: AIDS and Homelessness | POZ Magazine, 2001
Confronting the Limits of Gay Hate Crimes Activism | with Dean Spade, UCLA Chicano/Latino Law Review, 2000